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Google’s New Look SERP to Benefit the Brands Employing PPC Ads

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Google’s latest decision, of doing away with the PPCs (Pay-per-Click) Ads on the right hand side of the SERP and including additional paid ads at the top of the organic search result listings, has given rise to yet another debate. Every move Google makes has to be followed by change in strategy by the SEO Agencies. Thus, the resistance to most of the changes is well understood. However, one thing which is certain is that this change is bound to increase the performance of Google PPCs or Google AdWords.

It is a known fact that most of the searchers cannot / do not distinguish between the ads placed at the top of the organic search results. On the other hand, the ads which were placed at the right hand side of the page were clearly seen as paid ads and mostly ignored by the user.     Now that the provision has been made to include more PPCs at the top of the generic list, there are increased chances for the users to notice and click on the paid ads.

Although, it is true that the needle of focus has been shifted a little more towards the paid ads now, the organic SEO, like always, is also bound to bounce back with new techniques. Anyways, the nature of searches has also undergone vast changes. Due to viral marketing putting on steam, most searchers already know exactly what they want to search for. In such a scenario, SEO techniques also have to undergo sea changes. Meanwhile, make sure that you invest in PPC Ad Services to make the most of the latest opportunities.

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