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Internet Advertising in India at a Glance

Internet Advertising in India has been projected to grow at 30% in the financial year of 2015, as reported by Live Mint. This is one of the highest growth rates in the world for the platform. The delightful fact about this high growth rate is that it will continue to grow for the next few years. Certain factors in India make the growth rate sustainable. This article discusses some of the same.

Large Population of Internet Users

India has one of the largest populations of internet users. As per a report published by IAMA (Internet and Mobile Association of India), there were 243 million internet users in India as of June 2014. This large population of netizen’s results in the availability of large bases of target groups. The convenience, of reaching large numbers of potential buyers with just a few clicks, has played a vital part in the high demand of Internet Advertising in India. According to estimates, the Internet Advertising market is set to reach Rs. 3,575 crores till the financial year 2015 ends.

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Best Way to Capture Audiences with Buying Power

The earning members in Indian households are busy audiences. Internet Advertising provides the method wherein they can be targeted in such a way that the ads do not interfere with the peak hours of their work. The ability, of targeting audiences with buying power in such a manner that they have the time to view them, increases the returns on investment. This is very vital when we consider the socioeconomic diversity which characterizes India. Internet Advertising ensures that you target the most appropriate audiences for your brand.

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Accuracy and Real Time Monitoring

Accuracy and real time monitoring are perhaps the top powers which Internet Advertising has bestowed on the brands. Never before was such prompt and real time monitoring possible in the history of advertising. This power is inherently vital in the Indian context as any response to a brand takes only moments to spread across the nation. Real time monitoring allows the brand to instantly make the requisite modifications and overcome the risk of low performing campaigns or controversies. Internet Advertising Agencies can provide even hourly reports on how the campaigns are performing.

Greatest Scope for Innovation

The Internet Advertising is the most convenient among all advertising platforms to implement innovations and modifications. Considering that Indians are some of the fastest hitters of the “mute button” for repeated ads, this is a very helpful empowerment for the brand.

As the high competition in the Smartphone industry brings more and more low priced Smartphone’s, Internet Advertising in India is set to grow further. The lowering of mobile internet packs and introduction of faster 4G networks will also mean more business for the Internet Advertising Agencies in India.


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